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PPX Mining Corp.

The Company has changed its name to PPX Mining Corp in order to emphasize our transition from a pure exploration company to an emerging precious metal producer, joining its peers of active gold and silver miners. In the months ahead, PPX Mining Corp (“PPX”) will be developing its underground mine at the Igor Project, Mina Callanquitas, in partnership with Proyectos La Patagonia (“PLP”). As previously announced, preparatory work is already underway with equipment, workers, and material being mobilized to the mine site. PPX is no longer solely focused on gold and silver resource expansion, we are now expanding the scope of our business and are in the process of verifying the mining, metallurgical, and economic characteristics of the Callanquitas resource. Utilizing data gathered from our operations at Mina Callanquitas, in the coming months the Company intends to complete an updated Technical Report to facilitate an objective production decision for the project. PPX is evolving and growing, and we look forward to our future as a fully integrated mining company and precious metal producer.

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