Igor Community Center

This project was funded by Sienna Mineral (PPX’s Peruvian subsidiary) as a contribution to the Igor community. It is a permanent structure, earthquake resistant, built to Peruvian construction codes. The design is a result of cooperation between professional engineers and the local community. It should be noted that Callanquitas already has a community center.

The area of the building is some 5220 m2 (15 x 34 m), consisting of:

  • Principal hall
  • Toilets for Men and Women
  • Kitchen
  • Storage area

The building will be multi-purpose and some of the uses will be:

  1. Meeting room to discuss improvements and activities for the population of Igor
  2. Sports venue for various disciplines, such as: volleyball, football, basketball, karate, etc.
  3. Local social gatherings, which include: Patron saint festivities, weddings, concerts, etc.
  4. Local fellowship for gastronomic activities, competitions and even economic collection activities.

The importance of this place lies in the diversification of uses, which will be at the discretion of the community. It will also serve to increase the coordination activity of the inhabitants, while they can create spaces for dialogue, coordination and vision of improvement.