Callanquitas Clinic

This project was carried out by Sienna Minerals (PPX’s Peruvian subsidiary) as one of the commitments made to the community with the aim of contributing to the quality of life of the inhabitants, giving access to health services. The donation decision was made with the goal of transferring this satellite health post to the competent authority (Ministry of Health of Peru), to be part of the Otuzco health network, contributing to the efforts of the Peruvian State to increase access to health services.

The building is a permanent, earthquake resistant construction of brick and reinforced concrete, complying with Peruvian building regulations, designed for the extremes of the local climate.  The design was approved by the regional Ministry of Health and Sienna has purchased all equipment and pharmaceutical products according to the specifications of the Ministry of Health.  

The clinic consists of: 

Admission room, pharmacy, waiting room, examination room, emergency care room, outpatient room, recovery room with full washroom and sanitary facilities and store. The facility is staffed by a graduate in nursing and obstetrics, funded by Sienna Minerals.

Since the start of operation in March, a permanent service has been provided and the number of patients attended each month is shown below: 

  • March 2022 : 76 patients
  • April 2022 : 116 patients
  • May 2022: 150 patients
  • April 2022 : 116 patients
  • July 2022: 108 patients
  • August 2022 : 90 patients
  • September 2022: 81 patients
  • October 2022: 220 patients (includes campaign for preventative medicine – with Huaranchal medical center)
  • November 2022: 99 patients

While the population of Callanquitas is the direct beneficiary, with an approximate population of 450, however, the attention extends to any citizen who transits through the area and requires the services of a health professional.

PPX Mining Callanquitas Clinic
PPX Mining Callanquitas Clinic
PPX Mining Callanquitas Clinic