PPX Mining Corp. relies on the goodwill and support of the members of the communities located close to our project to be able to operate, whether in early stage exploration or the construction or operation of an active mine.  We therefore consider it imperative that local communities are closely involved in our planning processes in order to address their needs and take into account their concerns.  In 2018 the company reached a series of agreements with the two local communities influenced by the project that allows the company to mine and explore the Igor project for a ten year period

PPX works together with our surrounding communities and government administrative authorities to identify areas of health, education and community support for the people and promote projects and development that are sustainable and provide long term benefits to all.

To do this, our primary objective is to maintain a constructive relationship with communities and promote development, guided by the following principles:

  1. Foster mutual respect and co-existence with local communities
  2. Improve the quality of life of community residents
  3. Improve the health, nutrition and education of local community members
  4. Encourage good relationships and co-ordination with stakeholders to promote sustainable development.
Specific projects are Callanquitas are a health clinic and a series of irrigation canals and for Igor, a community center. Each of these is described and access to a video is also provided. 


PPX Mining Corp. is committed to operate all its projects in an environmentally responsible manner. PPX Mining Corp. monitors the environmental conditions at its projects and strives to minimize and mitigate environmental impacts of its activities by applying prudent design and operating practices and also by educating the employees and contractors who work at these projects.

PPX Mining Corp. is committed to do the following:

  1. Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations in the countries and regions in which we operate;
  2. Utilize effective and proven practices that minimize potentially harmful environmental impacts;
  3. Educate employees regarding environmental matters and promote employee participation in minimizing environmental impacts;
  4. Promote, facilitate, and sustain a company culture where employees are encourage to perform their daily activities in an environmentally responsible manner and are motivated to continually investigate methods and procedures that offer further reductions in environmental impacts;
  5. Proactively address potential concerns of stakeholders and local communities;
  6. Ensure that emergency response plans are in place at each project to protect against unforeseen events that may harm the environment; and
  7. Ensure that any event that violates environmental compliance is immediately mitigated and reported in a diligent manner.


PPX Mining Corp. is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and contractors at its projects. PPX Mining Corp. will strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and contractors and is committed to do the following:

  • Promote health and safety on and off the job;
  • Provide employees with the training and tools to work safely;
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate;
  • Adhere to sound and effective health and safety practices;
  • Provide a safe work environment by minimizing and/or eliminating hazards;
  • Educate the workforce to the potential hazards of their job;
  • Strive for and encourage continuous improvement in all aspects of health and safety for our employees and contractors;
  • Pursue and implement accident prevention programs;
  • Ensure that first aid and emergency response plans are in place at each operation;
  • Require that employees perform their duties in the safest manner possible;
  • Continue to educate and train employees about job hazards;
  • Ensure accident reporting is completed in a diligent manner; and
  • Remediate all identified health and safety findings promptly.