PPX Mining Corp. relies on the goodwill and support of the members of the communities located close to our project to be able to operate, whether in early stage exploration or the construction or operation of an active mine.  We therefore consider it imperative that local communities are closely involved in our planning processes in order to address their needs and take into account their concerns.  PPX is proud to announce that in February 2018, the Company reached a series of new agreements with the community of Callanquitas that allow PPX to mine and explore in the Igor Project area for a ten year period.

PPX works together with our surrounding communities and government administrative authorities to identify areas of health, education and community support for the people and promote projects and development that are sustainable and provide long term benefits to all.

To do this, our primary objective is to maintain a constructive relationship with communities and promote development, guided by the following principles:

  1. Foster mutual respect and co-existence with local communities
  2. Improve the quality of life of community residents
  3. Improve the health, nutrition and education of local community members
  4. Encourage good relationships and co-ordination with stakeholders to promote sustainable development.